Zulu Nation

  • When: 8th Mar
  • Where: Ātiawa Toa FM Te Raukura Stage
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The Universal Zulu Nation is an organization of men, women, and youth which was founded by the Godfather of Hip Hop, Afrika Bambaataa. With hundreds of chapters around the world, it is the oldest, largest, and most respected grass roots hip hop organisation.

Aotearoa Zulu Nation was started 38 years later, in November 2011 and now boasts members from many different races, cultures, nationalities, countries, and religions. What they have in common is a belief in Freedom, Justice, Peace, Unity, Love, Fun, Respect, Work, Economics, Overcoming the Negative to the Positive, Mathematics, Science, Life, Truth, Facts, Equality, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, and Faith. Zulu Nation members discourage divisions and want to see peace and unity on Earth with all races. Without these we all face social, economic, physical, and spiritual destruction.

Their vision is to continue to enrich and preserve the culture of hip hop by implementing our knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to empower the youth by helping them to harness and use their talents to accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams.


"I was blown away. I was like, 'woah, what is this?' It was the dynamism, and it was the spur of the moment thing..."