The Golden Awesome

  • When: 8th Mar 2:45pm
  • Where: Wilson St Stage
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Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, the Golden Awesome are an enigmatic quartet with British shoegaze influences. The group is made up of guitarist Jo Contag, drummer Justin Barr, bassist Matt Steindl, and vocalist Stef Animal. Their debut full-length, Autumn, was released in the U.S. in late 2011 on M’Lady’s Records.

An epic, fuzzy, shimmering, wall of sound is constructed of deep guitars and bass, nicely restrained drumming, and beautiful refracting female melodies and harmonies. The lyrics remain enigmatic and obscured, but the soundscapes do the talking.

Though they belong firmly in the shoe-gazey, indie, noise rock category, there’s something endearingly celebratory about the Golden Awesome’s songs. There’s a rising sense of optimism in the haze, and when they strip the guitars back occasionally, and let the bass and vocals weave together, they create a heady spell.

"There is a level of emotion and power to Autumn that most shoegaze bands (past and present) totally bypass."