Taikoza Drummers

  • When: 8th Mar 12:50pm
  • Where: International Woman's Day Stage
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Taikoza was originally formed in Hiroshima in the mid 1980s and has been based in Wellington since 1991.  We have played at countless festivals, venues and events in the Wellington Areas and throughout New Zealand for more than twenty years. We are passionate about Taiko Drumming, with beautiful, strong bass tones, powerful group rhythms and dynamic choreography.
Most of the festival rhythms we play were learned from Hiroshima Taiko Hozonkai, a performance group committed to the perpetuation of the local rhythms known to have been played for hundreds, even thousands of years.
Huge drums were used to carry messages vast distances, from village to village through the mountains or from island to island and were considered to be powerful enough to communicate with the local guardian deities.
 The deep base tones were thought to have strong healing properties and the power to move the soul; many people feel physically and emotionally recharged after the Matsuri.