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When you book you will asked to tick your preferred site location.

These are the choices, and the map shows where they are:

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Ticking a preference is no guarantee that you will be allocated a stall in that zone-  some zones are extremely popular and only the earliest bookers or returning stall holders are likely to be allocated these sites.  There is a box on the booking form labelled “Preferred Locations, Site Requirements & Comments” where you can explain your preference or tell us your second choice if your first choice isn’t available.  Our team tries very hard to find a good spot for every stall, but the sooner you book and pay the more likely you are to get the place you want.
Additional information: 
Food stalls often ask to be in Riddiford St, particularly zone B.  However although there are a number of food stalls in this zone they are local businesses opening outside their own premises.  Other food stalls are mostly grouped in food precincts – Emmett St, Rintoul St, Constable St, Donald McLean St.  There also a few in Wilson St, Newtown Ave, and South Riddiford.
If you need a power supply this limits the choice to areas where there are generators.  The generators are in the food precincts, and in 2015 there was also a grouping of non-food powered stalls in Constable St.
Emmett St is exclusively a food precinct, a popular spot for food stalls.
Green St specialises in handcrafts – and is also a place for information stalls.
Wilson St hosts the Wilson St stage, where the bands go on playing until 8.30 pm – it is a good spot for food stalls that are happy to stay open late.
Newtown Ave also has a stage which plays into the evening.

Please contact us if you have any questions –

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Tel. (04) 389 7316 or 027 416 9731

photo Green St 2015