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Food Handling Forms

The Wellington City Council requires the Newtown Festival to register all stalls selling food and/or drink. This includes stalls selling sweets, cakes, jams, or chutneys.

Food stallholders at the Festival are required by WCC to confirm that they meet prescribed safe food handling requirements, even if they already hold a food licence. Everyone is asked to complete and sign the WCC Safe Food Handling form.

A reminder about this WCC paperwork will be emailed to you when you apply for a stall site from which food will be sold. It will instruct you to download, print and fill out the WCC Safe Food Handling Form (PDF, 532KB).

Food stalls are either located outside a local cafe / restaurant or in precincts where hand washing is available for stallholders.

If you are selling cakes, chutneys, or jams that are sealed and were prebaked or precooked please still fill out this Food Handling form and explain that there will not be any food preparation done at the Street Fair.

If you are a local restaurant, or you have a mobile food licence, or you have a Food Handling Hygiene or similar certificate, please send us a copy along with your Food Handling Form. We provide WCC with all your details.

Before Fair Day the Newtown Festival files a set of everyone’s completed forms with WCC for temporary license approval processing.

Processing by WCC can take some time so please return your completed Food Form to the Newtown Festival as soon as possible after booking – and well before Fair Day.

You can return the food handling form

– By email with the scanned signed copy attached
– In person to the Festival Office at 123 Daniell Street, Newtown
– By mail to
Food Stall
Newtown Festival Street Fair
PO Box 7316

On Fair day WCC Food Safety Officers visit and inspect all Food stalls. Please note that the Terms and Conditions for Stallholders state that stallholders can be asked to leave the event if they are unable to meet safe food handling requirements on the day.

If you have any questions about the safe food handling requirements or about filling in, or returning, the form please feel free to phone the Newtown Festival on (04) 389 7316, or 021 4169731.

The Newtown Festival Fair Day Food Stall Fee

When you tick “selling food” on the booking form you will automatically be charged an extra food stall fee. In 2016 this is set at $60 per food stall.

Some of this fee is to cover the cost of extra administration, as described above, but the majority goes towards paying for recycling and rubbish collection, which costs thousands of $$$ each year. Takeaway food and drink stalls generate the majority of this waste.

If the food that you sell is all pre-packaged and is not intended for eating at the Fair, therefore doesn’t generate rubbish, we can reduce this fee. Please contact us to explain your situation.


Food stalls generate a large part of the Fair Day rubbish and to reduce the strain on landfills we are requesting that food stall-holders use recyclable or biodegradable containers, plates, cups and cutlery for their food and beverages.

We are delighted to report that at the 2015 Street Fair 50% of the waste was diverted from the landfill – such a good effort that we won a Wellington Airport Community Award .  Thank you to all of you who used recyclable packaging, and encouraged your customers to use the recycling stations.

The Festival team are keen to do even better in 2016 – please help us achieve this!

Here are five companies that sell these products:
Potato Pak -

Bio Supplies -

Ayrpak -

Eden Green –

Friendlypak –

We encourage you to purchase this type of packaging to use at our festival (and any other festivals!), instead of plastic or polystyrene products which take hundreds of years to decompose in our landfills.

Please encourage your customers to use the recycling and compost stations at the Fair.

Food Stall Locations

Food stalls often ask to be in Riddiford St, particularly zone B.  However although there are a number of food stalls in this zone they are local businesses opening outside their own premises.  Other food stalls are mostly grouped in food precincts – Emmett St, Rintoul St, Constable St, Donald McLean St.  There also a few in Wilson St, Newtown Ave, and South Riddiford.