Sonic Delusion

  • When: 8th Mar 10:35am
  • Where: Nice Place Curbside Cabaret
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Swiss-Kiwi electro-folk raconteur Sonic Delusion “easily carves out his own unapologetically ambitious and intriguingly experimental sound” (NZ Musician, Feb 2014). His funky electroacoustic folk incorporates triggered electronic drum sounds, acoustic cajon beats, and an array of guitar effects.

Looping allows Sonic Delusion (Andre Manella) to add and subtract voice, bass lines, rhythm and tones to his songs. They swell with layers; they ebb; they swing out on tangent riffs; they rush with rhythm; they pause; and they build back up again. Sculpting music live takes proficiency and guts – but when the song takes flight, resplendent in streaks of funky bass lines and vocal harmonies, yet grounded in upbeat, foot-tapping rhythms – its atmospheric joy is undeniable.

"...a rich, colourful sonic landscape full of funky bass lines, crisp, jazzy guitar riffs and warm, disarming vocals"