Raw Collective

  • When: 8th Mar 6:30pm
  • Where: Newtown Sound Stage
  • Show map

Raw Collective is group of musicians who play live hip hop and rap. The project initially started in Wellington with Jack Cromie, Rawdeezy (Evil Mule), & Paulie Lowe (Blvd Nights).

With their own recording studio, producers, beat makers, audio engineers and a string of musicians the ‘raw collective’ aim and passion is to make decent hiphop in the studio, backed up with an impressive full band live show.


Banging beats , mellifluous melodic melodies and funky beats are punctuated with sharp ,conscious raps , draped in the darkest minor chords and layered with soothing vocals all wrapped up with some funky ass baselines to get the people dancing.

"smooth, cool reminiscent of early nineties hip hop."