Polly Johnson Set

  • When: 8th Mar 7:30pm
  • Where: The Office
  • Show map

The Polly Johnson Set are a musically diverse, endearingly dysfunctional and endlessly entertaining five-piece collection of Wellingtonian songwriters and performers.

Formed during a particularly chilly Lyall Bay winter as a way to keep warm – and as an excuse to drink whisky – the band soon realised that their favourite songs were their own. They resolved to hone and polish those tunes until they were dazzling nuggets of musical gold, awesome enough to unleash on a public eager for tunes of murder, love and farming equipment.

Incorporating just about every instrument imaginable, The Polly Johnson Set present a live show that is energetic, irreverent, and just about as unforgettable as their only-a-mother-could-love faces.

The Polly Johnson Set features Polly, Ty, G, Marty and Scoob.