MS Deluxe

  • When: 8th Mar 11:30am
  • Where: Nice Place Curbside Cabaret
  • Show map

‘M S Deluxe’ is a band of well-seasoned musicians from such bands as ‘Tunes of I’ and ‘Three Rays’. They have a soulful sound, which could be compared to John Mayer or Amos Lee with some bluesy undertones. The Band has an organic sound relying on their own musical abilities rather than the use of effects and you may have seen them wheeling around their own piano which travels to every gig! Other instruments featured are vocals, guitar, saxophone, bass and percussion. Fronted by Mark Sommerville who has stood ground as a performing songwriter and has fronted a series of underground working bands. Though Mark’s work has had some recognition over the last two years and has been featured in some Internet web ads and film.

"‘M S Deluxe’...they are an act not to be missed!"