Fraser Ross & The Felt Tips

  • When: 8th Mar 2:00pm
  • Where: New World Community Stage
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Jump Kiwi

Born on a rugged beach on the South Island of New Zealand,

then carried by fishing boat to the nearest settlement,

Fraser Ross entered this world (prematurely)

in a very natural way.

He is now an untamed singer with a big heart and heavy hands,

who can charm the pants off a librarian.

Writing songs that sound great around a campfire,

there is a  wildness in his music.

On stage he is thoughtful and endearing,

presenting his songs with humour, humility, and always a smile.

Like Tom Waits, Daniel Johnston, Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen,

he wears the gutter on his sleeves.

But he’s got a big heart, and an original perspective

so you get the feeling

 he’s looking at the stars.

"NZ's best kept musical secret.."