D Burmester & The Blind

  • When: 8th Mar 4:00pm
  • Where: Nice Place Curbside Cabaret
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If I try to think what D Burmester and the Blind is about , this story comes to mind: It was a brisk but sunny morning when we left Wellington city bound for Auckland. Fifteen minutes south of Taihape the car slowed to a crawl and knowing little about what could be wrong, we pulled over to give the old road warrior a rest. The instruments came out and a ten minute break turned into an hour of playing songs with little thought about the smoking vehicle. The car however was beyond the ”quick stop” repair and the next hour was spent driving down the highway at 20kph until we arrived in Taihape. We had a chat with a local who gave us a car to continue our drive to the big smoke. The show was amazing, singing, dancing, laughing, drinking, all the things that come with foot stomping country chaos. With a few hours sleep it was time to return the borrowed car and await our rescue (our car would take another week to fix) . After being picked up, one minute south of Taihape, a car pulled in front of us leaving both cars written off. Now we had two wrecked cars in a small town, 230km away from home. Luckily the next rescue mission was successful and our close friends and us made it home with only a few scratches and bruises. It wasn’t so much over coming the obstacles that makes this a story worth telling, it was that everyone agreed it was worth it!
This is D Burmester and the Blind.