Cumbia Bros

  • When: 8th Mar 4:15pm
  • Where: Summer City Mainstreet Stage
  • Show map

For the last three years, Cumbia Bros, Wellington’s premier Cumbia band, have been playing shows around the capital to chaotic, life-affirming response. The nine-piece band bring their percussion, guitar and accordion heavy sound to Newtown this year. Expect covers, originals, and fusion pieces, all articulated through their focus on creating a new style of music that combines songs in Spanish and English while maintaining the best of Latin dance style.

Current members include:

Juan Pablo de las Casas    Leading voice
John Rae  Drums
Rafael Noel Ferrer  Timbales
Mikey Trujillo  Congas
Cris Leaman    Güiro
Christian Muñoz    Guitar
Jackie Nyman    Bass
Emilio Bertrand    Accordion
Aiko Sato    Trombone
Emily Clemett     Trumpet