Chocolate Strings

  • When: 8th Mar 5:00pm
  • Where: Newtown Sound Stage
  • Show map

A super food for every part of you goes by the name of Chocolate Strings.

Grown in the boroughs of Brisbane, time has mostdefinitely seasoned this crop into an out-and-out sensory feast. As a motley orchestra of 8 they possess the pulse of afrobeat with a score built on soul, funk and ragga-fied melodies. Made by music lovers for music lovers.

Often referred to as ‘The Strings’, the coconut flavoured harmonies sung by Ofa Fanaika, Nikki McWalters & Nia Falekakala are merely the beginnings of their renowned cook up. Sharp and tasty witty ditties are also served by guitarist and singer, Alex Skinner. However there is no doubt that the sheer number of the group is their defining flavour. Everything played by this delicious octet is bass-laced by bassist- McKelliget, brass-tastically bolder due to Josh Appleby’s sax and relentlessly booming with the Bam Bam Boys signature hits.

So to all of you who hunger for more out of good things. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing- rethink your upcoming plans. Add Chocolate Strings into your diet and it’ll be the first time your body, mind and soul will thank you.
So, please…enjoy.

"There wasn’t a still body in the crowd; all were taken over by the Chocolate Strings fever!"