STAGE: The Hits Buskers’ Pitch

  • When: 8th Mar 10:00am
  • Where: The Hits Buskers' Pitch
  • Show map

Proudly sponsored by The Hits 90.1FM & Go Wellington

We are in a new spot!! Outside Z station on Constable St, Come and find us there is a lots of space for huge crowds!!

Buskers Pitch 2015 Line up


10:00am- Boxing starring Fraser Hooper The%20Hits%20-%20Wellington%2090_1%20-%20RGB

10:45am- Mr and Mrs Alexander

11:30am- Vinyl Burns

12:15pm- Mr Fungus

1:00pm- Hoop Hooligans

1:45pm- Boxing starring Fraser Hooper

2:30pm- Mr and Mrs Alexander

3:15pm- Vinyl Burns