A Movement, By Blink (A Low Hum)

  • When: 15th Mar
  • Where: Newtown Community Theatre

Not one to rest on his laurels Blink, the man behind A Low Hum, has made the epic announcement of A Movement, which is the name he has given to his work circa 2000-2015. Next month, Blink is releasing some of this work as a series of 10 photographic art books, containing 1000 photos of 300 bands shot over 15 years. He says each book is devoted to a particular style or theme and will be released on 16th March “in a typically absurd A Low Hum style release tour with multiple events around the country”.

The Movement Tour will be a 25 event (yes, 25 separate events) happening throughout March in a variety of locations across Wellington, Masterton, Auckland, Palmerston North, Dunedin and Christchurch. To our delight, the events include a gig in Newtown’s own Community Theatre on Sunday the 15th of March

With Liam Finn, Sarah Mary Chadwick, and Secret Knives on the card it is sure to be a memorable night.

Liam Finn

The son of Crowded House and Split Enz frontman Neil Finn,Liam Finn succeeded in making a name for himself, first as the teenage frontman of the quirky rock band Betchadupa and, several years later, as a talented solo artist in his own right.

Sarah Mary Chadwick

Having spent the last ten years performing and recording music that shifts through the bleary, late-night landscape of the post-grunge hangover. Both solo and in former band Batrider, Sarah has honed a songwriting vocabulary that is now fully flowering.

Secret Knives

Their brilliant dream-pop and shoegaze performances have  earned praise from around the world.



"1000 Photos, 300 Bands, 15 years, 10 Books"